With the warm temperatures of summer comes increased use of your swimming pool. Nothing makes for a better summer memory than grilling while your kids, family and friends splash all afternoon. To keep everyone happy and safe, make sure to stay on top of maintenance by either hiring a pool technician or monitoring things yourself. Regular maintenance will make your pool safer, and here’s how.

Chemical Balancing Prevents Injury

Monitoring your pool chemicals helps keep your water crystal clear and those who swim in it healthy and comfortable. Make sure to always keep adequate amounts of chemicals such as chlorine, stabilizer and acid in stock to hold bacteria under control. By testing your water at least once a day during pool season, you can ensure your pH is within range and that your chlorine level is balanced. The chlorine level should be adequate but not excessively high. Too much chlorine can dry out the eyes or cause itching to sensitive skin. Remedy any unbalances right away to prevent growth of bacteria or algae.

Regular Cleaning Keeps Bacteria in Check

It’s easier to prevent a problem than to fix one once it happens. Regularly cleaning your pool and filter parts is key to preventing bacteria. On days you plan to use your pool, make sure to skim the surface with a fine mesh net. Remove decaying leaves, dead insects and other debris as soon as possible so as not to provide material for an algae bloom or bacterial eruption. You should also rinse out the skimmer basket and hose down your pool filter cartridge. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions to clean the cartridge and filter tanks using only pool-safe cleaners and tools. To prevent injury, be sure to properly depressurize your filter before uncapping it.

Well-Maintained Walkways Prevent Falls

Because people tend to go barefoot around the pool, it’s important to keep well-maintained walkways. The last thing anyone wants to do is walk on cracked and deteriorating pavement. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can also cause accidents around the pool. With proper maintenance, you can effectively clear away debris and make necessary repairs. For a safer, more enjoyable swimming experience, make sure that you keep an eye on your pool deck and other walkways. Pavers are a great option for any pool deck since they are durable and easy to maintain. 

A summer full of fun can be achieved when you take the time to perform regular pool maintenance. Whether in the water or on the pool deck, proper maintenance of chemicals, filters, and walkways will ensure that summer swimming is safe for all.

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