Eco-friendly pool maintenance is not only healthier for you and your family, but also for the environment. In order to tackle general maintenance like a professional, you must fully understand the impact of specific pool solutions. .

Robot Cleaner

A robot cleaner is a convenient product that extracts debris and sediment from a swimming pool. When activated, it floats around a pool automatically, according to the pool maintenance schedule you set. Prime Reviews discusses how the programming is vital as it helps a unit successfully remove all contaminants that are found in the pool while also avoiding any high use times. If a robot cleaner encounters tough grime, its spinning brushes will loosen the particles before the vacuum sucks up the waste. Many robot cleaning units are eco-friendly because they collect waste in a safe way that doesn’t use chemicals, which can harm the environment. After enough debris is in the chamber, you can dump everything in a trash bag.

Know What Your Products Do

Sodium bisulfate, calcium hypochlorite, and essential oils are just some of the products  that are used to help clean. doTERRA discusses how many essential oils have natural cleaning properties. You could use these oils to help clean the surfaces of pool equipment and pool toys or games.

Certain chemical substances dissolved in a pool can help clean  the water. All chemicals are dangerous when they’re not used properly. In order to keep everyone safe, you must follow a few steps while handling various pool chemicals.

Because pool chemicals can produce unexpected reactions, you should never mix two types of chemicals together. While you’re handling chemicals, always use dry scoops, as damp scoops will make getting an accurate measurement tougher. If you’re going to pour two types of compatible chemicals into your pool, use a different scoop for each one.

UV Cleaner

This pool maintenance gadget uses UV light to get rid of contaminants in a pool. As the ultraviolet light shines through the water, it reduces chemical levels and chlorine by-products. A UV cleaner is considered a green product since it makes a pool safer and healthier without using chemicals. Spectra Light UV further describes it as, ultraviolet (UV) pool sanitizers utilize a cutting-edge, non-chemical process that uses germicidal UV light rays to sanitize water, air and surfaces that may be contaminated. Ultraviolet pool sanitizers emit a high intensity germicidal light ray that alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of targeted organisms such as algae, bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy also destroys organic matter, eliminating the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products.

Salt Water Chlorination

During a salt water chlorination cycle, dissolved salt is distributed through a chlorination system. Hayward discusses how it’s an environmentally safe way to maintain a pool because a salt water swimming pool generates hypochlorous acid, which is milder than chlorine.

If you use any of these solutions, you can maintain a swimming pool and protect the environment. You’ll find these hardware solutions at most stores that supply pool equipment.
If you’d prefer someone else to clean your pool for you, let Custom Pool & Spa Mechanics help!